About Us

Tropicality is the vision of Becca Dahmen, a native Floridian inspired by her natural surroundings of the gulf coast and her travels around the world.

As a child, Becca spent hours on the beach. And her dream has always been to share this love of nature with others and found she could do so by infusing this passion with another; that of fashion.

Influenced by the love of her family, friends and the natural beauty of her home, Becca creates jewelry that is inspired by her tropical surroundings. Every design is shaped and influenced by her experiences on the beaches, in the waves and soaking up the sun. Each one is individually handcrafted to ensure it is as unique as the individual who wears it.


Incorporating beach sand into an element of many of the designs has the power to evoke memories of good times, places you call home, or places once traveled. The Tropicality Beach Sand Collection captures those moments – reminding you of happy days and making you feel beautiful. The designs are detailed, unique and radiate the beauty of the beach they were created with.

From statement pieces to everyday treasures, it all starts with the sun, the sand and the sea.